Corporate Governance


The Group follows a sustainable development strategy that provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment, while also safeguarding its sustainable development and operations. This strategy also covers talent training and development, the promotion and implementation of supply chain management policies, and the administration of a set of comprehensive policies, mechanisms and measures for environmental protection, community involvement and participation. A sustainable development team established by the Group is responsible for the consolidation and provision of strategic studies and proposals, as well as managing corporate social responsibility issues that affect sustainable production at the Group’s manufacturing plants across different regions. These include addressing codes of conducts from brand customers for sustainable operations, complying with the laws and regulations imposed by local regulatory authorities, managing labor relations, and responding to audits and inspections of the Group’s factories undertaken by non-government organizations. The sustainable development team regularly reports to the management on the performance of the aforesaid affairs and provides recommendations.

Our Employees

The Group upholds the idea of “Focus on People, for the People”. It believes that employees are important assets and takes a holistic approach towards recruitment, employment, training and retention. Team events are frequently organized to build a sense of belonging, as well as to increase employees’ understanding of the Group and identification with its core values of “Professionalism, Dedication, Innovation and Service”. The Group provides comprehensive training, competitive compensation and diversified communication channels with an aim to improve professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as to attract talent. A performance management system has also been introduced to effectively motivate employees, assist with their continuous development and help with their career planning – in line with the Group’s objective to achieve sustainable operations. The Group is also committed to providing employees with an equal, safe and healthy work environment; to complying with local laws and regulations; and to enhancing constructive labor relations. The Group complies with applicable labor laws and regulations regarding dismissal, recruitment and promotion, equal opportunities, diversity and anti-discrimination. It has not received any complaint or notifications from governmental authorities for materially contravening any of the employment practices referred to above.

2019 Manpower Structure

Manpower Statistics by Region
Others Mainland China Indonesia Vietnam
Focus on People For the People R e c r u i t m e n t Recruitment Diversified recruitment channels Bringing together talents of diverse backgrounds Equal opportunity and human rights E d u c a t i o n & T r a i n i n g Education & Training Professional training courses Functional knowledge training Self-development training o C m m u n i c a t i o n M e c h a n i s m Communication Mechanism Employees' suggestions Complaint mechanism R e m u n e r a t i o n S y s t e m Remuneration System Competitive remuneration system Profit sharing bonus system E m p l o y e e s B e n e fi t s Employees' Benefits Group insurance; and daily life caring Health management activities Employees' Family day

Caring For Our People

Caring of Our People - Kindergarten

The Group has set up a number of kindergartens for employees’ children. One example is the “Petites Fleurs Kindergarten” (Farming Kindergarten) in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province in Vietnam, which was opened with assistance from a brand customer and local politicians.

The “Petites Fleurs Kindergarten” features a green building design that reflects the Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. The design features include low energy consumption, planted green roofs for lowering temperature, water-saving measures and environmentally-friendly building materials.

The kindergarten received a green building certificate issued by the chief executive of the Vietnam Green Building Council (LOTUS) on 1 March 2014. It was also awarded by Designboom as one of the “World’s Top Ten Cultural Buildings” and was further endorsed by the Vice President of Vietnam who officially opened the kindergarten.

Other accolades include:

  • FuturArc Prize, Professional category 2nd Prize / Farming Kindergarten 2014
  • World Architecture Festival (WAF) /Shortlist / Farming Kindergarten
  • Building of the year 2014 on Archdaily, Educational Architecture category winner /Farming Kindergarten
  • National Architectural Prize (Vietnam), Jury award / Farming Kindergarten 2015
  • Green Good Design, USA / Farming Kindergarten
  • IAA (International Architecture Awards) / Farming Kindergarten 2015
  • AR school, finalist / Farming Kindergarten
  • ARCASIA Award 2016, Hong Kong / Farming Kindergarten
  • 30 finalists of RIBA international award (UK) 2016
  • Honorable mention of Zumtobel Award, Switzerland 2017


Footwear manufacturing is closely tied to environmental protection and the use of natural resources, and the Group has established a set of management policies, mechanisms and measures to ensure sustainable development and operations. It is continuously striving to enhance efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials and complying with local environmental regulations, including those that have a significant impact on its operations such as regulations governing greenhouse gas emissions, discharges into water and land, and the generation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The Group’s efforts in this area align with international standards, such as allowing regular greenhouse gas emission inspections; properly treating effluent and air emissions; reducing, classifying and recycling waste; and obtaining consultations on energy conservation and carbon reduction at factories with high energy consumption levels, among others.

Use and Pocurement of Raw Materials and Packing Materials Use and  Pocurement of Raw Materials and Packing Materials
Effective Use of Resources Effective Use of Resources
Environmental Management Policy Environmental Management Compliance
Use of Energy Use of energy
Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emission
Environmental Management Compliance
Air Pollution Source Management Air Pollution Source Management
Water Resources Utilization Water Resources Utilization
Pollution Prevention and Control Management
Green Office
Waste Management Waste Management

Social Engagement

The Group adheres to a belief of “taking from society and giving back to society”. In line with its core value of ‘Service’, the Group actively organizes and participates in community activities related to education, health and medical care, and local public relations.

The Group upholds the idea of “Co-prosperity with the Community” in each community where it has production bases, so as to achieve its objective of sustainable operation. The Group is committed to enhancing its social value and maintaining relationships with interest groups that are relevant to its business operations.

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