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Vision, Core Value


To provide end-to-end solutions that delivers the sports industry the highest possible value while supporting healthy lifestyle around the world.

Core Value

Professionalism, Dedication, Innovation, Service

Business Summary

Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited (together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”; SEHK stock code: 551) was founded in 1988 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July, 1992. The Group is a global leader in the manufacture of athletic and casual/outdoor footwear with a diversified portfolio of brand customers and production sites. The Group’s production capacity is the world’s largest and is widely recognized for its responsiveness, flexibility, innovation, design and development capabilities, and superior quality.

The Group adheres to four core values: “Professionalism, Dedication, Innovation and Service”.

The Group’s retail subsidiary (listed as Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Limited, SEHK stock code: 3813) is committed to becoming the best sports and leisure goods retailer. It has one of the largest and most-integrated sportswear retail networks in the Greater China region, as well as event management and sport services.

Faced with changes and challenges in the business environment, the Group has formulated five major business strategies and objectives: speed, flexibility, innovation, quality and sustainability. Through the establishment of internal communication channels, these business strategies and objectives will be recognized and implemented by the Group’s employees, who will boost the Group’s sustainable operations through their enthusiasm and accountability. By strengthening its strategic planning, enhancing implementation efficiency and introducing innovative services, the Group will transform its traditional OEM “economies of scale” business model into a “economies of value” business model.

Looking forward, the Group will continue to improve its manufacturing capability through continuous investment in R&D, technology, automation, process re-engineering and production optimization, and to cooperate with its branded customers/partners to provide a full-line of products, value-added services and end-to-end solutions. The Group will also further transform its retail business from offline to omni-channel, while also incorporating sports services programs, professional sports training and after-sales training services, as well as a higher standard of customer service into it.

Shareholding Structure

POU CHEN Corporation
stock code: 9904.TT
stock code: 551.HK
stock code: 3813.HK

*As at March 31,2020

Message from Chairman

Looking for Sustainable Growth

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Lu Chin Chu, Chairman of Yue Yuen

We continued to experience a challenging operating environment, as well as dynamic consumer demand. The softening global economic environment is also adding to these challenges.

Despite this, we have made progress in solidifying our relationships with key brand customers by engaging with them earlier in the product development process and involving ourselves more in the design phases of their key products.

We are also continuing to invest in Manufacturing Excellence, including in innovation, process re-engineering and automation, which is enabling us to improve our competitiveness, differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and strengthen our engagement and relationships with brand customers.

Our efforts in the area of sustainability are also reinforcing our importance as a strategic partner to brand customers. This includes the recent accreditation of the social compliance program of our parent, Pou Chen Group, by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), making us the first FLA-accredited footwear supplier globally.

We will continue to execute our long-term strategies while limiting the impact of monthly order volatility and other disadvantageous factors, to move Yue Yuen back towards sustainable and steady growth and to maintain our status as a pioneer and leader in the footwear manufacturing industry.

Corporate History


The Group’s parent company, Pou Chen Corporation, celebrates its 50th Anniversary


The social compliance program of Pou Chen Group (comprising Pou Chen Corporation and Yue Yuen) obtained accreditation from the FLA, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting workers’ rights around the world, making the Group the only FLA-accredited footwear supplier globally


The Group established production bases in Myanmar


Ms. Tsai Pei Chun, Patty appointed as CEO of Pou Chen Group


The Group established production bases in Bangladesh and Cambodia


Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Ltd listed on the HKEX (3813.HK)


Yue Yuen began operations at the new headquarter in Taichung, Taiwan


Yue Yuen acquired stake in Prosperous Industrial (Holdings) Ltd., which is a well-known R&D and manufacturing company of sports bags, backpacks, luggage and travel accessories

Yue Yuen acquired Eagle Nice (International) Holdings Limited, which is engaged in sports apparel manufacturing


Yue Yuen was named as one of the constituent stocks of Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Standard Index Series and Hang Seng Index


Yue Yuen acquired Pou Chen's interests in 67 companies engaged in upstream footwear material, production of raw material, production tools and shoe components


The Group expanded into retail business in China


The Group established production bases in Vietnam


Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd listed on HKEX (551.HK)

The Group started to produce casual footwear and established production facilities in Indonesia


The Group established its production sites in China

Yue Yuen was founded by the Tsai family in Hong Kong in April 1988 to produce branded athletic and branded athletic style leisure footwear. The Tsai family also controls Pou Chen Corporation (9904 TT), Yue Yuen’s parent listed in Taiwan


The Tsai family began to produce athletic footwear on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis


The Tsai family in Taiwan entered into footwear manufacturing industry in 1969 with canvas and rubber footwear as major products

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