JP Markets

JP Markets is a licensed Forex trading company that began its operations in South Africa. The company has grown to be one of the largest Forex brokers in South Africa and Africa as well. The fast growth and success of this Forex Company are attributed to how well they engage with their clients.

In this article, you are going to know more about the company and get to understand it better.

1. The Brokers Reputation

A company’s reputation can either build or destroy it. JP Market stands out from the rest because of how they relate to clients. The company does not only offer a trading platform for their clients but they also offer training for the clients too. Their relationships with their clients have earned them a good reputation. JP Market has also earned a good reputation of being one of the only Forex trading companies that offer free training and interests in the Forex industry. In general, this company is known for great customer care.



2. The Spreads Offered

Spreads can be defined as the variables that are based on the forex market conditions. JP Market, offers some very competitive spreads in the market. On an average with JP market you for about 2pips one can get EUR/USD under the normal market conditions. This is can be considered high or low depending on the market and the individual but JP Markets always have their clients at heart. Bottom line, marked by their rapid growth across Africa, one can say that they are on the right track.


3. How About the Fees?

One of the most interesting things about JP Market is that they do not offer any fees. Making bank deposits or withdrawals attract zero fees and the company also does not charge any commission fees. They also offer free training and tutorials on everything forex. This is very cost-effective. Questions have been asked before about how they make their money. JP Market make their money when their client’s trade. The company believes when the client grows they also grow that is why they put more effort into client knowledge of the trade.


4. JP Markets Trading Accounts

This company offers all of its clients a single account that has variable spreads. The live forex trading account is easy to open with only three simple steps. The account opening can be done online, making it convenient for you wherever you are. Opening the live account is simple and very self-explanatory. They also have support ready to assist any client with a question or any kind of any inquiry. The accounts also come with dedicated account managers who are ready to help the client in handling their account.

5. About JP Market funding method?

The company only uses secured methods when sending money to your account. They take it upon themselves to make sure that the method they use fully complies with the regulatory procedures to ensure the safety of your money. You can deposit via bank, online getaways or ATM. All these security measures are so that no client can lose their money while trading with them. JP Market also offers weekly deposits to their client’s account and they have accounts with all major banks across South Africa.


6. Take a look at their trading instruments

JP Market uses trades and stocks as its financial instruments. They believe that these two are the life bond of a good financial institution. They ensure that they have the right trades and stock so that they can flourish. Which means you will also flourish together with them. The company also has its own financial service provider or FSP license and they are also approved by the forex trading board in South Africa.


7. The Trading Platform Offered in JP Market

JP Market uses the very friendly Meta Trader or the MT4 trading platform. This kind of platform is also available via mobile devices and tablets. This means you do not a desktop or a laptop computer to trade. This platform,also provides real-time assistance to their clients whenever they need it. This is indeed a value added benefit of choosing JP Market as your forex broker. With this kind of forex trading platform you can be sure to never miss out on trading despite your location.

JP Market has a lot to offer anybody who is willing to join or grow in the forex trading world. They have training for those who are new to this industry. Indeed JP Market is a good forex broker.

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